If you are planning to move abroad, there are a few things that will make your move a bit less stressful. Hopefully, these few hints will prove helpful to you.

When packing and organizing your move abroad you should have:

Sturdy boxes of the appropriate size

If you are hiring a removal company, more likely than not, you will not have any trouble since they will provide you with the boxes, sometimes even for free. The boxes are made of sturdy cardboard and, a great advantage, they all come in the same size. If, however, the removal company you choose does not provide the boxes you should carefully consider getting all the boxes from the same place, preferably all of the same size. It will save you many a headache later.

Plastic wrap

How you pack your belongings is almost as important as where you pack them or what you pack. You need to think about carefully wrapping certain objects in plastic wrap such as fragile items. You also need to have a good quantity of spare plastic wrap or scrap paper or newspaper (crumpled into balls to make volume) so that the items do not move inside the box.


It is important that you clearly label and number your boxes. It is also worth keeping a log of the boxes as you pack them with their number and, if time permits, contents too (see below). This will make things easier when itemizing your stuff, especially if you are sending it to a storage place and will not be reunited with it for a while. It is worth sticking on an additional label if the items in the box are fragile so that the movers know and donít put that particular box at the bottom of any given pile. This is also a good moment to decide whether it is really worth packing this fragile item and whether it is worth going through the trouble of sending it abroad (not to mention the expense) or if it is something you can easily buy again in your new country. More often than not, you will find that that item is not worth packing in the end.

One final thing you should take into account, is how long it will take for you to be reunited with your belongings. In other words, if all goes to plan, will you have to put these in storage? For how long? Will the costs of shipping and storage outweigh the costs of the items themselves? The things you are packing, will they still be of interest to you a few years from now? Will they become obsolete? (Think about things like electrical appliances, for example). It is also worth considering if, in the case that you absolutely do not want to get rid of any given item if it is possible to get it in another format which is more easily transportable. For example, say you are an avid book collector and, taking into account the fact that paper weighs more than almost anything else, could you not get those same books in an electronic format?


A very useful thing to do when organizing a move is to start a writing log similar to those runners write to keep a record of their running times and progress. In this case, a notebook will help you itemize your belongings and keep things organized. It might not be that important when moving home but when it comes to moving office, it can come extremely handy.

Do not lose (or pack!) these notebooks as these will serve as a guide for the items you have and are sending abroad.
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