The main advice that people are given when wondering as to how they can make their removals easier on the whole is ‘find a great removals company’. However, whilst this is simple enough as advice, the truth of the matter is that it can be extremely difficult to know what makes a great removals company, and also how to know if the removals companies that you are talking to are going to be amazing on the day. Obviously every single firm will be advertising itself in a positive light, so how is anyone meant to differentiate between the various companies out there? We’ve all heard horror stories of scammers and cowboys, as well as wonderful tales of companies going the extra mile to help people out in their time of need; but how do you predict this stuff? There are a few levels of filter that you can employ to get a good idea as to what kind of company you are dealing with.

First off, make sure that you start in the right place. If you are trying to whittle down the thousands of removals services in the country to only those you know to be great, then why not ask your friends and family for advice? There is likely to be someone that you know who has moved in the last couple of years, and they will at least be able to give you some pointers. The best case scenario
is that you find a company that people have said is amazing; the worst is that you either get nothing, or find out that a certain company should be avoided. Many of the best removals companies do not advertise that heavily, so you may well miss them if you are not asking around personally!

Have a look online at the reviews that others have posited. These are a little like recommendations from close ones, except less trustworthy! You should use your intuition in these cases, and ensure that you only rely on claims that are backed up by more than one or two writers, as otherwise you could be falling for slanderous messages from rivals! If you notice that a firm has a reputation for a certain attribute then you know to expect that, and it will help form your opinion of them, ready to give you an idea as to what they are like when you get on the phone to them.

Another filter is to see whether the company needs to do a home survey in order to give you a quote. Any removals firm who give you a quote that is supposed to be unchanging without seeing the property is likely to be trying to swindle you! Whilst it is tempting just to go by the price you are given on the phone or online, it is often that the company will change that price at the last minute, and this is not exactly going to make things any less stressful for you on the day of the move!

The main filter for working out if you are going to be able to get on with the removals team that you are talking to is your own intuition. If you feel like you are not being treated particularly respectfully on the phone, then you are not likely to get much back from them in terms of service on the day of the move! Customer service is important, alongside getting on with the removals team, so be sure to keep that in mind when booking!

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