When it comes to moving house, the largest bit of work will usually revolve around taking everything that you own and packing it away. For this reason, there is a lot that rides on ensuring that you are getting the job done well, as the packing can dictate how intact your possessions remain... So, as ever, a little help to ensure that you are looking at the packing process in a way that gets you all boxed up with no worries about how your items are going to survive will be of use, and that is what you have here. Even if all of this is obvious and old news to you, it may well inspire you to think of other areas of the packing process that you had not considered previously.

First off, where do you get your main ingredient for packing? Packing boxes are the mainstay of the removals process, and you will often find that there is a huge amount to be said for getting the right ones. You should talk to your removals company about the packing boxes that they recommend, as this will be an industry standard that ensures that you are getting a box that will protect your items no matter the beating that they take in the removals van! Removals companies and storage facilities will often supply their own removals boxes, and given that they buy them in bulk, they may well be able to do you a good discount, it simply takes a bit of haggling!

Think about the other parts of your packing process; bubble wrap, tissue and news paper, marker pens, tape, and fragile or heavy notices need to be had, and used in the correct way. Try to avoid using huge amounts of bubble wrap, as it is pretty expensive, and very bad for the environment. You will find that whilst extremely delicate items will need a bit of bubble wrap, items made from similar materials that are a little weightier will only really need a couple of layers of newspaper to protect them. Packing the items in together so that they are not going to move around too much is also key. Excess space in the packing boxes will lead to things shifting in to them, and this can cause breakages, as the vibrations and movements of the van can be quite sudden.

Think carefully about labeling your boxes. When you pack up a room, you will find that you donít always want everything from that room to go to itís equal in the new house, which means that you need to think hard about where they are going, and how you are going to ensure that they get there! Labeling the boxes for the rooms that they are destined will ensure that you don;t have to run about the house moving things from room to room, and that you can ensure that the unpacking process will be an easy one. Be sure to mark the rooms in the new house with their names, as otherwise the removals team will leave them wherever they see fit! A small inventory of the boxís contents, as well as notes as to heaviness and fragility will ensure that your removals team treat the box with the care that it needs. You donít want to find a box full of china being used as a door stop on the day of the move, so be sure that everyone knows what is inside!