1. Give yourself the time that you need to get everything in your home removal done.

Time is a luxury that many people seem not to have when they are moving house. You will no doubt find that there are many ways in which things can go wrong at the last minute before the move, and you wish that you had more time, so perhaps start as early as possible and give yourself that time back! The best situation to be in is one where you can survey everything that you have to do over the course of the next few weeks leading up to the move, and find that you will only need to spend an hour or so per day packing and preparing. This way the move will no impinge o your normal life too much, and you will remain relaxed and calm throughout. Do not underestimate the power of time and starting early.

2. Planning makes a perfect removal service.

You will find that you should start planning as soon as you possibly can with a removal, as this will ensure that you have no chances of things getting to late, and you ending up making decisions on the spot. You should be sure about everything that you do, as it has all been premeditated, and sorted though in your planning. You will no doubt find that you are keen to get going with everything as soon as possible, but planing takes precedence, as it will ensure that you do everything in the perfect order, and donít waste any time, money or effort in the process. Your plan should consist of a timetable, by which you do a certain set of things every day, and then cross that day off, so that you are completely sure that you have everything done at all times. This way you will not end up with a situation whereby you are not completely sure as to what you have done and what you are yet to get sorted, which is obviously a difficult spot to be in for anyone.

3. Get the smaller domestic removal things out of the way.

Getting the postal redirection, energy bills and communications stuff out of the way as early as possible, so that they are set to change on the day of the move, and so that you can worry about larger things without them looming over you in the back of your mind. These things are pretty quick to sort, but if you don't do them beforehand, then you could end up with a situation where you arrive at a house with no power...!

4. Sort the new place out before the home removal.

If you can, make sure that you get the new place sorted with all the redecoration and the like before the day of the move. This will mean that you donít have to work around all of the boxes and furniture, and it also means that you wonít be concerned with getting dust and paint on all of your stuff! No matter how hard you cover it, there will always be something that get affected by the mess that redecorating causes! If you can sort all of that beforehand, then you can move straight in to a beautiful place!

5. Learn to de-stress.

The move can sometimes get to be a little too much, and that means that it is always worth working out ways to calm yourself down a little.Take a walk or read a book if you need, just be sure to work out how to reduce the tension.