Whether you are downsizing, or fancied a change in decor, getting rid of furniture that you are attached to can be difficult. Many turn to storage as a way of alleviating a problem so that they have a little time to think about things. The problem comes when you tart shelling out hundreds of pounds on storing items that you have already paid for. it is like paying rent on a house that you have owned for ages already... If you are set on the idea that storage is for you, then you need to think about the three main steps to choosing the right storage unit; Size, location and type. All of these things will give you a resulting price, but you need to work out for yourself as to whether the charges are the kind of thing that you feel is worthwhile.

First off - size. You will need to have a good idea of how large your unit needs to be before you go looking for prices, otherwise the whole operation is pointless. Working the amount of space that you need out is difficult, as there is often a case of all of the items in question being scattered about the house. Get them together, and put them in a corner. measure around the pile of things in order to get a rough measurement, and you should be able to work on that level. if you use the same figures to work out the van size that you need, then you will be able to see whether you have got it right when the time comes to load the van! larger units will obviously be more expensive than smaller ones, but there are ways of making the location and type work for you if you canít seem to afford a size that you need.

Location is very much a big game changer by way of how much you will need to spend. You will find that much like housing, storage in the city is a lot more expensive than that in the country, as the demand is much higher, and the space much lower. This may mean that heading out in to the country is a good way to pull the price down a little, so have a look in to the comparative prices. You do need to be careful of a situation where you are driving out to the countryside in order to afford the unit, but are paying more than you save on fuel every time, as this would be ridiculous. The best situation is if you are not going to be visiting the unit very often, and you make decent savings on having a place a little further out of town.

The type of unit that you rent is not a problem for some, as most will go to a self storage type of lock up, that involves a load of units within a large warehouse that are self managed, but overlooked by staff. You can however find units that are in less obvious places, like farms and houses, that are up for rent from privately owned landlords. These units will likely be a lot cheaper due to their reduced visibility, but you need to watch out for the conditions that your items will be in, as some units will not protect against dirt, damp and rodents. These are the sorts of issues that will result in your items being damaged whilst in storage, and this is completely besides the point of using it!
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