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Move Me With Care Blog
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If you are planning to move abroad, there are a few things that will make your move a bit less stressful. Hopefully, these few hints will prove helpful to you.

When packing and organizing your move abroad you should have:

Sturdy boxes of the appropriate size

If you are hiring a removal company, more likely than not, you will not have any trouble since they will provide you with the boxes, sometimes even for free. The boxes are made of sturdy cardboard and, a great advantage, they all come in the same size. If, however, the removal company you choose does not provide the boxes you should carefully consider getting all the boxes from the same place, preferably all of the same size. It will save you many a headache later.

Plastic wrap

How you pack your belongings is almost as important as where you pack them or what you pack. You need to think about carefully wrapping certain objects in plastic wrap such as fragile items. You also need to have a good quantity of spare plastic wrap or scrap paper or newspaper (crumpled into balls to make volume) so that the items do not move inside the box.


It is important that you clearly label and number your boxes. It is also worth keeping a log of the boxes as you pack them with their number and, if time permits, contents too (see below). This will make things easier when itemizing your stuff, especially if you are sending it to a storage place and will not be reunited with it for a while. It is worth sticking on an additional label if the items in the box are fragile so that the movers know and don’t put that particular box at the bottom of any given pile. This is also a good moment to decide whether it is really worth packing this fragile item and whether it is worth going through the trouble of sending it abroad (not to mention the expense) or if it is something you can easily buy again in your new country. More often than not, you will find that that item is not worth packing in the end.

One final thing you should take into account, is how long it will take for you to be reunited with your belongings. In other words, if all goes to plan, will you have to put these in storage? For how long? Will the costs of shipping and storage outweigh the costs of the items themselves? The things you are packing, will they still be of interest to you a few years from now? Will they become obsolete? (Think about things like electrical appliances, for example). It is also worth considering if, in the case that you absolutely do not want to get rid of any given item if it is possible to get it in another format which is more easily transportable. For example, say you are an avid book collector and, taking into account the fact that paper weighs more than almost anything else, could you not get those same books in an electronic format?


A very useful thing to do when organizing a move is to start a writing log similar to those runners write to keep a record of their running times and progress. In this case, a notebook will help you itemize your belongings and keep things organized. It might not be that important when moving home but when it comes to moving office, it can come extremely handy.

Do not lose (or pack!) these notebooks as these will serve as a guide for the items you have and are sending abroad.
Bayswater Man with a Van Hire
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The main advice that people are given when wondering as to how they can make their removals easier on the whole is ‘find a great removals company’. However, whilst this is simple enough as advice, the truth of the matter is that it can be extremely difficult to know what makes a great removals company, and also how to know if the removals companies that you are talking to are going to be amazing on the day. Obviously every single firm will be advertising itself in a positive light, so how is anyone meant to differentiate between the various companies out there? We’ve all heard horror stories of scammers and cowboys, as well as wonderful tales of companies going the extra mile to help people out in their time of need; but how do you predict this stuff? There are a few levels of filter that you can employ to get a good idea as to what kind of company you are dealing with.

First off, make sure that you start in the right place. If you are trying to whittle down the thousands of removals services in the country to only those you know to be great, then why not ask your friends and family for advice? There is likely to be someone that you know who has moved in the last couple of years, and they will at least be able to give you some pointers. The best case scenario
is that you find a company that people have said is amazing; the worst is that you either get nothing, or find out that a certain company should be avoided. Many of the best removals companies do not advertise that heavily, so you may well miss them if you are not asking around personally!

Have a look online at the reviews that others have posited. These are a little like recommendations from close ones, except less trustworthy! You should use your intuition in these cases, and ensure that you only rely on claims that are backed up by more than one or two writers, as otherwise you could be falling for slanderous messages from rivals! If you notice that a firm has a reputation for a certain attribute then you know to expect that, and it will help form your opinion of them, ready to give you an idea as to what they are like when you get on the phone to them.

Another filter is to see whether the company needs to do a home survey in order to give you a quote. Any removals firm who give you a quote that is supposed to be unchanging without seeing the property is likely to be trying to swindle you! Whilst it is tempting just to go by the price you are given on the phone or online, it is often that the company will change that price at the last minute, and this is not exactly going to make things any less stressful for you on the day of the move!

The main filter for working out if you are going to be able to get on with the removals team that you are talking to is your own intuition. If you feel like you are not being treated particularly respectfully on the phone, then you are not likely to get much back from them in terms of service on the day of the move! Customer service is important, alongside getting on with the removals team, so be sure to keep that in mind when booking!

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When it comes to moving house, the largest bit of work will usually revolve around taking everything that you own and packing it away. For this reason, there is a lot that rides on ensuring that you are getting the job done well, as the packing can dictate how intact your possessions remain... So, as ever, a little help to ensure that you are looking at the packing process in a way that gets you all boxed up with no worries about how your items are going to survive will be of use, and that is what you have here. Even if all of this is obvious and old news to you, it may well inspire you to think of other areas of the packing process that you had not considered previously.

First off, where do you get your main ingredient for packing? Packing boxes are the mainstay of the removals process, and you will often find that there is a huge amount to be said for getting the right ones. You should talk to your removals company about the packing boxes that they recommend, as this will be an industry standard that ensures that you are getting a box that will protect your items no matter the beating that they take in the removals van! Removals companies and storage facilities will often supply their own removals boxes, and given that they buy them in bulk, they may well be able to do you a good discount, it simply takes a bit of haggling!

Think about the other parts of your packing process; bubble wrap, tissue and news paper, marker pens, tape, and fragile or heavy notices need to be had, and used in the correct way. Try to avoid using huge amounts of bubble wrap, as it is pretty expensive, and very bad for the environment. You will find that whilst extremely delicate items will need a bit of bubble wrap, items made from similar materials that are a little weightier will only really need a couple of layers of newspaper to protect them. Packing the items in together so that they are not going to move around too much is also key. Excess space in the packing boxes will lead to things shifting in to them, and this can cause breakages, as the vibrations and movements of the van can be quite sudden.

Think carefully about labeling your boxes. When you pack up a room, you will find that you don’t always want everything from that room to go to it’s equal in the new house, which means that you need to think hard about where they are going, and how you are going to ensure that they get there! Labeling the boxes for the rooms that they are destined will ensure that you don;t have to run about the house moving things from room to room, and that you can ensure that the unpacking process will be an easy one. Be sure to mark the rooms in the new house with their names, as otherwise the removals team will leave them wherever they see fit! A small inventory of the box’s contents, as well as notes as to heaviness and fragility will ensure that your removals team treat the box with the care that it needs. You don’t want to find a box full of china being used as a door stop on the day of the move, so be sure that everyone knows what is inside!
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1. Give yourself the time that you need to get everything in your home removal done.

Time is a luxury that many people seem not to have when they are moving house. You will no doubt find that there are many ways in which things can go wrong at the last minute before the move, and you wish that you had more time, so perhaps start as early as possible and give yourself that time back! The best situation to be in is one where you can survey everything that you have to do over the course of the next few weeks leading up to the move, and find that you will only need to spend an hour or so per day packing and preparing. This way the move will no impinge o your normal life too much, and you will remain relaxed and calm throughout. Do not underestimate the power of time and starting early.

2. Planning makes a perfect removal service.

You will find that you should start planning as soon as you possibly can with a removal, as this will ensure that you have no chances of things getting to late, and you ending up making decisions on the spot. You should be sure about everything that you do, as it has all been premeditated, and sorted though in your planning. You will no doubt find that you are keen to get going with everything as soon as possible, but planing takes precedence, as it will ensure that you do everything in the perfect order, and don’t waste any time, money or effort in the process. Your plan should consist of a timetable, by which you do a certain set of things every day, and then cross that day off, so that you are completely sure that you have everything done at all times. This way you will not end up with a situation whereby you are not completely sure as to what you have done and what you are yet to get sorted, which is obviously a difficult spot to be in for anyone.

3. Get the smaller domestic removal things out of the way.

Getting the postal redirection, energy bills and communications stuff out of the way as early as possible, so that they are set to change on the day of the move, and so that you can worry about larger things without them looming over you in the back of your mind. These things are pretty quick to sort, but if you don't do them beforehand, then you could end up with a situation where you arrive at a house with no power...!

4. Sort the new place out before the home removal.

If you can, make sure that you get the new place sorted with all the redecoration and the like before the day of the move. This will mean that you don’t have to work around all of the boxes and furniture, and it also means that you won’t be concerned with getting dust and paint on all of your stuff! No matter how hard you cover it, there will always be something that get affected by the mess that redecorating causes! If you can sort all of that beforehand, then you can move straight in to a beautiful place!

5. Learn to de-stress.

The move can sometimes get to be a little too much, and that means that it is always worth working out ways to calm yourself down a little.Take a walk or read a book if you need, just be sure to work out how to reduce the tension.
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If you make the decision to move an elderly relative into your family home then you are making an admirable commitment to caring for the needs of another family member. Whilst you are already showing understanding of their condition by acknowledging that your relative can no longer live alone, there may be amendments you need to make to your home as well to ensure that your relative is getting the best from the new living situation in terms of comfort and general well being. These amendments can best be broken down into the basic rooms of a home;

It would be best, if you can manage it, to give your relative a bedroom on the ground floor and near a toilet so that they can get to their bed with ease and get up in the night comfortably and with dignity, should they need to use the bathroom with little warning. If you are in a position to be getting completely new furnishings for the room then think about the specific needs of your relative when it comes to the bed itself. A low, easy access bed would be best, especially if your relative is a little unsteady. This kind of bed is also ideal if your relative falls out of bed in the night – something which can become unavoidable as they get older.

Make sure you have bars, rails and handles in place around all of the bathroom furnishings to help with access and steadiness when each piece of bathroom furniture is in use. If you have a shower rather than a bath it might be worth putting a folding down seat in there so that the chances of slipping are greatly reduced and any spells of dizziness can be combated. Although you have moved your relative into your family home, making sure they feel that they still have independence and are self-sufficient to some extent is very important.

On a similar note, it may be important for your relative to at least be able to access the upper floors of the house, if only to say goodnight to young grandchildren. For this reason, it might be worth getting a bannister or stair rail along both sides of the stairs rather than just the standard one side. You might also like to consider getting a stair lift, depending on how mobile your relative is.

Sitting Room:
Allocating a chair to your relative is a nice way of including them in the family dynamic. The living room – or the room that has the telly in – is often the place where a lot of family bonding takes place so it might be nice to include your relative in this by giving them their own chair. This is also a great opportunity to get a chair which is best suited to specific needs. You might like to get a chair that reclines and also tips forward to help with comfort and also getting in and out of this chair.

Finally, it might be nice to get some of your relative’s favorite foods in, at least for the beginning of their stay so that they can feel the normality and predictability of their old diet for a little while. After all, a person can only handle so much change.

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Finding time to manage your office relocation with your regular moving duties can be tough, so taking steps early on to reduce the amount of work you have to do can be very beneficial. The most time consuming exercise will be packing. You will be forced to sort and wrap all of your goods. In your office you will likely find old equipment, computers, stationery, files, furniture, etc that are no longer necessary. There is no point in packing and transporting items you no longer need so you can rid yourself of them.

You can rent a skip and then just throw everything you no longer need inside of it and it will all be collected. You shouldn’t rush towards this option though because your goods could be recycled at a local depot, which may even collect your goods for you. You could try donating them to charity of giving them away to others. You may also be able to sell thing and make a little extra money for the move.
Getting rid of old furniture beforehand also means you don’t have to worry about carrying it and convey it to your new address, both of which can be very difficult. You can then buy new furniture and have it delivered to your new address, cutting own the work you have to do. Don’t forget that storage is also an option, as you can leave unwanted items in a safe spot and you can retrieve the items later on if you do need them.

Predation for the move can make things go swiftly and reduce the amount of work necessary so you should research the process as much as possible. Look into what you need, how long the process can take, what steps to take, how many people you will require and more. You can talk to removal firms over the hone to do this, as well as visit websites online. Talk with your staff to see if they have any experience with removal that could be helpful and get them involved. Create a schedule and you can stay on track with your move, completing each task with time to spare, not forget about any of them and so on. Use a rota to assign chores to staff so then the work is split up and will be completed faster.

You must sort all of the items in your office before you can start packing them for several reasons. Items that are similar in size and shape can be packed easier and neater, which will promote their safety. It also allows you to work out how much packing material you need so you don’t buy an excess. Purchase bubble wrap, tissue paper, polystyrene, cloth and more, as well as cardboard and plastic boxes.

When you start your packing, take care to wrap each object up gently. When placing them into boxes, arrange things so they stack tidily, as doings will keep them safer. Put lighter goods on top of heavier ones, and separate sharp objects from others. Fragile goods should be given excess packing and kept away from other items.
When carrying objects take your time and ensure enough people are assigned to large items. Each person should know the route being taken and all obstacles should have been removed. If anyone begins to lose his or her grip then everyone should put the item down gently and take a break. Patience and coordination are the best way to eparch furniture removals.
With all this info, you can tackle office removal swiftly and without any problems.

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Whether you are downsizing, or fancied a change in decor, getting rid of furniture that you are attached to can be difficult. Many turn to storage as a way of alleviating a problem so that they have a little time to think about things. The problem comes when you tart shelling out hundreds of pounds on storing items that you have already paid for. it is like paying rent on a house that you have owned for ages already... If you are set on the idea that storage is for you, then you need to think about the three main steps to choosing the right storage unit; Size, location and type. All of these things will give you a resulting price, but you need to work out for yourself as to whether the charges are the kind of thing that you feel is worthwhile.

First off - size. You will need to have a good idea of how large your unit needs to be before you go looking for prices, otherwise the whole operation is pointless. Working the amount of space that you need out is difficult, as there is often a case of all of the items in question being scattered about the house. Get them together, and put them in a corner. measure around the pile of things in order to get a rough measurement, and you should be able to work on that level. if you use the same figures to work out the van size that you need, then you will be able to see whether you have got it right when the time comes to load the van! larger units will obviously be more expensive than smaller ones, but there are ways of making the location and type work for you if you can’t seem to afford a size that you need.

Location is very much a big game changer by way of how much you will need to spend. You will find that much like housing, storage in the city is a lot more expensive than that in the country, as the demand is much higher, and the space much lower. This may mean that heading out in to the country is a good way to pull the price down a little, so have a look in to the comparative prices. You do need to be careful of a situation where you are driving out to the countryside in order to afford the unit, but are paying more than you save on fuel every time, as this would be ridiculous. The best situation is if you are not going to be visiting the unit very often, and you make decent savings on having a place a little further out of town.

The type of unit that you rent is not a problem for some, as most will go to a self storage type of lock up, that involves a load of units within a large warehouse that are self managed, but overlooked by staff. You can however find units that are in less obvious places, like farms and houses, that are up for rent from privately owned landlords. These units will likely be a lot cheaper due to their reduced visibility, but you need to watch out for the conditions that your items will be in, as some units will not protect against dirt, damp and rodents. These are the sorts of issues that will result in your items being damaged whilst in storage, and this is completely besides the point of using it!
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No matter what kind of furniture or decor you may have in your home, there are a great many things that you will own that you do not want to get damaged. After all, these items represent you and your life as it is do they not? You will need to be careful in the ways in which you go about packing everything up in order that you preserve their quality and cleanliness, as the journey in the van can be a hairy one, no matter how well you have packed it all up! Have a look through the following tips and tricks for making sure that your furniture remains intact on during your domestic removal, and you should come out smiling at the other end!

First off, think about the breakables. Do your wardrobes have delicate handles? Perhaps a chest of drawers has feet on it that could be knocked off? Some furniture has delicate parts that contribute to the look of the piece, but these parts will often be the first victims of abuse when squashed up against other furniture and boxes in a moving van. It is very easy for things to get bent and broken in this way, so you must make allowances for such issues. Many handles will come off entirely, and some wooden items can be removed as well. If the part does not come off, then wrap a load of card or wood around it with tape, and ensure that when the item is packed, that it is done so in a careful manner that respects the way in which the delicate part may be affected.

Glass is another delicate part that furniture sometimes has. Mirrored wardrobes and mirrors themselves are rather a tricky situation when it comes to the move, and you will need to pay extreme attention to the way in which these items are handled. You can prepare such things for transit with sheets of bubble wrap and card over the glass frontage, and tape it in place to secure it. Make sure to write ‘GLASS’ in large noticeable letters on the cardboard to ensure that anyone lifting the item is aware of it’s delicate nature, or the piece may well be handled in a rough manner and broken.

Finer antiques and the like can be put into wooden moving crates to completely preserve them, but this is expensive and takes up a lot of time and room. Cheaper and still fairly effective is the use of card or even hard boards covering edges and protecting surfaces from knocks and scrapes. Make sure to have a lot of cladding and blankets in place to put between items of furniture that may bump in to each other and cause damage. the reality of the situation is that you need to give as much protection as possible, without taking up much space at all. This is sometimes difficult, but it is essential to getting the best value for your money when it comes to your domestic removal. Thinner protective materials like card, bubble wrap and thinner blankets are a must, so prepare yourself thoroughly before you set out on your move.

Furniture is what makes a house a home, so be sure that yours is not at risk of being broken or bruised by the move, as otherwise you may find that you have to say goodbye to old pieces that were once like friends, and welcome in new ones that may not really feel the same!

Heather Roberts is a content writer from London, UK. She is searching for new challenges and hence often moves to different places. Therefore her present article is focused on moving thematic. She can give you a lot of helpful tips for the House Removals London.

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Nowadays we often find it hard to get the space that we really need in our homes. We fill our homes up to the rafters with our goods and furniture and we always seem to be living in a cramped environment as a result. What we need is somewhere safe, cheap and local to store all of our goods for us, which is why hiring a self storage unit is such a great idea. Many people wonder whether they could afford to use such a service or whether it is right for them. Whatever your self storage needs, you should certainly consider trying out some storage solutions. Not only will they help to give you a clean, tidy home but they needn’t cost the earth either. So here are our reasons why hiring your own self storage unit is such a great idea.

Make Space
Nowadays our homes can get awfully cluttered quite quickly. This is mainly due to the fact that as space is at a premium in large cities, the homes we live in get ever smaller. Of course, we still want to buy goods and furniture that we like but soon it can start to take over our homes. If you want to keep all of these nice things and not throw them away then perhaps storing them is the ideal solution. As many of us move quite frequently in the capital, it may just be a question of hiring a storage unit for a few months until you have the necessary space for your goods.

Save Time
Hiring a storage unit can save you a lot of time too. People who are using our service in this way include musicians who like to keep all of their instruments together. They all convene at the storage unit before a show to collect their instruments and simply drop them off afterwards. This saves them a great deal of time as otherwise they would have to drive around everyone’s home to pick up each instrument separately. They find that a storage service is great value for money and using one like this makes their lives so much easier.

Low Prices
As space is at such a huge premium in built up areas, you may think that a storage unit would cost the earth but this is not the case. Many people find the low prices of a storage unit can really help them in their everyday lives and are a lot more inexpensive than the alternatives. Businesses, for example, use these services as they are far more affordable than warehousing alternatives. They need to store some stock or office furniture for a little while and do not want to pay for such large spaces that they simply do not need. Self storage units can be so low cost that it wouldn’t make sense not to use one!

One of the great boons of self storage is that often companies are very flexible with the time and space that their clients require. Always check the small print before signing any contracts with a self storage provider, as some may tie you in to a lengthy contract or only be able to provide a space too large for your needs. Why pay for time and space that you simply do not need? Find a supplier who is upfront about their pricing and the range of sized units that they have on offer. Often you will need only a small amount of space to store your belongings so look for a supplier who help you at a low cost.

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It is not uncommon for people to find themselves completely stressed out over moving. After all, it is indeed a time consuming, energy starving task that few people truly enjoy carrying out. Apparently, moving is supposed to be one of the most stressful tasks you will come across in life. However, it is not completely surprising. If you have ever moved before you will know just how stressful and chaotic it tends to be. We believe, though, that with careful planning and good organisation, moving can be easy and laid back. As long as you know to approach it appropriately, you shouldn’t have a problem. Follow our easy, useful tips and your move will be a delight.

First and foremost, you need to devise some sort of concrete plan or schedule. Once you have this, you must stick to it and follow it. This way, you will know where you are and it shouldn’t be a problem. A moving checklist is a handy thing to have at hand. Write down a list of tasks that need to be carried out before, during, or after the move, and each time a task from your list is completed, you can tick it off. You will not believe how useful this can be. Getting organised is the key element to a smooth move and this is all it takes.

Packing is a vital step in the moving process. If your belongings are not packed well, they risk getting damaged during transit and that is something, of course, you want to avoid. You can prevent this from happening by making sure your items are packed well enough. To do this, you must ensure you have made a good plan of what items will go in which box and then you must ensure you have good quality packing materials and boxes. The secret is to invest in good quality boxes and then you will be able to use them again and again. It is much more cost-effective this way, rather than having to buy next budget boxes every time you move. After packing well, label each and every box, stating clearly what type of items are in each. This will save you a lot of time when you arrive in Barcelona.

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and has a population of 1,620,943. Today, Barcelona s a leading tourist destination that boasts a great amount of places to see. For those interested in history, this is your dream place. Some of its main sights include The Barri Gotic, Sagrada Familia, The columbus monument and so on. There are also a number of museums here for you to visit.

Once you have finished planning and packing, which are both essential parts of moving, it’s time to take care of the transit. You must make sure the van you hire is a suitable size and that it is clean and secure. Many removal companies offer a range of different sized vans which are driven by qualified, experienced drivers and movers. If you want to make sure your items are kept well and handled well, it would be sensible to hire professional help. This way, you are not taking any giant risks. If you are not experienced in dealing with removals, hire professional help and they will take care of it all.

Make sure your move to Barcelona is a good one.